Who we are

Susi Eger & Robert Mücke

Triathlon-, Endurance and Performance Coaching



mumuku coaching is your personal tail wind

No matter if you´re a beginner or a pro, mumuku supports you personally and individually – no standard programs „out of the box“!

We listen, monitor and assess for best results – no matter if your first 10k or the Ironman Hawaii is the target.

More than 20years experience in coaching and servicing athletes and a background of an own career in endurance sports combined with the motivation to still learn and adapt to new findings is an unbeatable value for our athletes.

Enjoy what you do, stay healthy and happy  –  „mit Spaß zum Speed“ is what mumuku stands for.


Mahalo for being interested in our work – feel free to send us a note: mumuku(@)mumuku.com


GBR Mücke / Eger

mail: mumuku(@)mumuku.com


Na makani paio lua o Kawaihae

Refers to the Mumuku wind from the uplands and the Naulu wind, which brings the rains to Kawaihae

„The mumuku comes over the hill to Kawaihae, picks up momentum and then it becomes a force. It’s an unforgettable wind and everything in its path will be tossed aside.“